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Outstanding and distinctive education

through a digital and creative curriculum

Through our teaching, partnerships, industry links, pastoral care and monitoring we aim to foster ambition and a culture of high expectations and standards.


Delivered in partnership with industry professionals and our academic partners (BCU). We aim to develop students academically, vocationally, socially and morally so that they leave the academy as independent, co-operative, responsible, creative young people who will be well rounded, resilient and ambitious to both learn and work in the related digital technologies.


BOA Digital will provide a unique range of learning experiences and opportunities which will prepare its students for both higher education and employment.

We aim to maximise the life chances of all our students by providing a stimulating, exciting, challenging, respectful and safe environment where every student is valued, listened to and responded to. Students will not only achieve their personal best but exceed all expectations.

From the outset, our students will be relating their learning to the world of work and understanding the relevance of the activities to the real world.


By the academic year 2023/24 we aim to have worked alongside accreditation providers and industry professionals to develop a Post-16 course (either level 3 or 4) which will be highly original and inspired by the pursuit of digital excellence.


Key stage 3 students at BOA digital will study: Mathematics and Statistics, English, Science, Geography, History, Computer Science and Coding, Art, Drama, Dance, Music, PE and a Modern Foreign Language. Alongside this, they will do a six week technology project (to cover both digital, design and production technology).


It is our intention for our students to start a digital level 2 course in Year 8 and level 3 in Year 10. Currently these would be the new BTEC Technical courses which are just being developed. Within these courses, students would gain a diverse range of digital skills to equip them to respond creatively with exciting and innovative ideas. The project based learning opportunities will help them develop a wide-ranging and sophisticated set of digital and media skills that will enable them to specialise further as they move onto Post-16 studies. Until home grown students reach the sixth form Post-16 students will follow level 3 vocational courses alongside academic A Levels.


BOA Digital's first intake will be from September 2022.


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