The Detail


The Site

The two existing buildings on the site will be demolished.

 A new building of approximately 7,300sqm and of 1.5 to 4 storeys in height will be built.

 The new building has been carefully designed to ensure that where the building meets the street it is of a suitable scale, with the higher elements of the new building set back away from the street.

 The new building will be constructed from red brick to match the existing local materials. The very top and the back of the new building will be built with a grey metal finish.

All vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists will access the site from the existing access point at the bottom of Barrack Street.

An access for emergencies will be provided at the top end of the site on Barrack Street.

The woodland trees to the eastern side of the site (bordering the park area) that wrap around the existing car park area will all be retained and protected during construction.

 A number of trees will be removed along the Barrack Street site frontage to allow the building to be constructed.  New trees of a suitable size, and a new hedgerow will be planted long Barrack Street to re-provide a green corridor along this side of the street.


Site Plan


Highway Improvements

Our proposed highway improvements are detailed below.  We have discussed these with Birmingham City Council and we are currently awaiting their feedback and agreement. They may, therefore bu subject to change.

Pedestrian Crossings

Proposed new pedestrian crossing along Vauxhall Road immediately to the east of the junction with Barrack Street (to accommodate pedestrian movements to the westbound bus stop and movements to/from the city centre).  The bus stop will likely need to be relocated to the west of the junction and improvements to the crossing of St James’ Place made.

 Proposed improvement to the existing uncontrolled pedestrian crossing along Barrack Street - to reduce the crossing width and improve pedestrian visibility.  This arrangement is considered consistent with the 20mph speed limit on Barrack Street.

Parking Restrictions

Proposed extension of ‘No-waiting-at-any-time’ double yellow lines from Vauxhall Road around the corner into Barrack Street;

Proposed ‘School – Keep Clear’ and zig-zag markings to indicate the presence of a school and prevent parking and idling directly outside the school gates;

 Proposed parking restrictions along the western side of Barrack Street, to facilitate residents only parking and prevent/discourage other parking; and

 Parking restrictions along the eastern side of Barrack Street, to facilitate pupil drop-off and collection, enable coach parking for school trips and prevent/discourage other parking.

Building Plans 



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