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Get Digital Ready

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BOA is a Digital Academy. You are going to use digital tools a great deal during your studies at BOA. You will use computers for recording performances, writing assignments, completing research, lesson tasks and activities, tracking progress, building portfolios, online training, submitting assignments, sitting examinations, self-promotion, and communicating with your peers and your teachers.

We provide computer suites only for examinations and for students who require cutting edge specialist equipment.

If you have, or are about to purchase a computer of your own we recommend it has the following capabilities.

Your device must be capable of:

  • Running Microsoft Office (we provide you with Microsoft Office for FREE! More on this later)
  • Running Basic Video Editing Software such as Microsoft Photos (The Video Editor Free with Windows10) or Apple iMovie (Free with an Apple Computers)
  • Taking Photos and Video (It needs a camera built in)
  • Connecting to and browsing the internet via wifi


We recommend:


A small laptop, netbook, or 2in1. Tablets and iPads are best avoided. Remember you will be carrying it around, storing it in your locker, and using it in studios, so do not choose anything too big!


Windows (Windows10) or Apple (MacosX)


Dual Core


8Gb or more


256Gb or more (if you go for something smaller you’ll probably run out of space and need to buy a portable hard drive at some point).


Keyboard (if you choose a device that does have one built in), Protective Case, USB Memory Stick, Headphones.


If you already have a device but you are not sure if it will fully meet your needs, don’t buy a new one! Bring it in to the academy and we will look it over for you. The likelihood is that it will do just fine!

You can buy a device that meets the above specifications from well known high-street stores for less than £250 new. There are also some fantastic new, refurbished and used deals on the internet.

If you genuinely need assistance affording a device we may be able to help.  Speak to one of your teachers if you need more information.


We require that our students join us with a basic level of digital literacy and a good understanding of online safety. This ensures no one is disadvantaged at the start of the course and gives us a foundation from which to build your digital skills over the next couple of years.

During the summer, before you start with us, we would like you to complete some online training:



We would like you to run through the Office365 Training Centre online tutorials to ensure you are familiar with Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel.

In September you will be given an Office 365 account that will give you access to the full version of Microsoft Office completely FREE! However in the meantime you may wish to download a one month free trial from so that you can complete the tutorials over the summer.

Click here to visit the training website