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At BOA we recognise that the internet can be used as a powerful tool to enrich learning experiences.

Children and young people engage with the internet every day, using a variety of platforms and devices both inside and outside of school, so it is important to recognise the role of the school in educating and supporting them in being safe whilst doing so.

In addition parents and families also have a key role to play in protecting their children from the dangers of the internet.

To help you with what is no doubt a difficult area to navigate, we will be providing a range of training materials and resources for parents.

Click on the button below to visit - a site founded by major digital media providers to help parents and children navigate the Internet safely and securely. 

Update 16th March 2023

A useful parent and carers guide on iPad safety has been added below. The guide has further links that support parents and carers in guiding their children to appropriate and safe digital use.